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I love to get dressed up and go to business meetings with business men. It makes me feel like I'm party of their little business world. Of course, I also like to dress up in a bra and panties and show off some of my seductive Las Vegas strippers moves as well at the end of the night. I am a multi talented individual who is able to show off all sorts of different techniques and skills. Whatever a man is interested in, I know I can do and I know we are both going to have all sorts of fun with it.

I will be the most beautiful escort amongst Las Vegas escorts for you. My definition of beauty is a complete package comprising, looks, intelligence, goodness of heart, cheerfulness, happiness and all of the positives of life. Not to mentio I will show up to where ever you are including the off Strip vacation rental homes in Las Vegas. These are just a few of my qualities and what makes me beautiful. I love to make people around me happy and when I see someone that needs to be cheered up, I do so with ease and love. My love is always available 24/7 and I am never selfish with it.

My name is Ming and I am a professional at any escort services. I am one of the most talented Las Vegas strippers in town and for the record – Vegas strippers are the best strippers the United States has ever produced. But, just so you know, I did learn a lot of my talents working with the escorts in Miami. I loved living in Florida but my hair does horid things in the humidity. Back to Vegas. I will be your escort, your stripper, your massage girl and your girlfriend companion. This is a girls direct to you service i.e. me direct to you and to your room. I will explore with you fantasies to make you happy, pleasured and excited right in your room.

Where does one begin when talking about Las Vegas? It is one of the best known cities in the world and one of the most visited. People love Las Vegas both for business and for pleasure. They love it because they know they will have fun while here. Las Vegas is probably one of the few cities where you can mix business with pleasure. It all depends on the company you have. And by company, I mean escort. Las Vegas escorts are known far and wide for their excellent talent in the art of pleasing people. It is not for nothing that Las Vegas rose in fame and stature. That is a combination of several factors, but escorts are one of them. We have the monumental responsibility of entertaining the many people who visit Las Vegas annually.

Many business conventions are held in Vegas annually. Before, during and even after these meetings, conventions and/or conferences, these business people want to be entertained by escorts. I am one of these escorts and I want to show you what Las Vegas is all about. Whether you have used the services of an escort before or not is immaterial. I am bringing you a great service that I’m sure you have never enjoyed before. It starts right from the point you make that call to ask for my services. Within no time, I will be knocking at your door. And you will usher in a hot and sexy escort ready to have fun. I am a confident mistress and like to take charge. It is sexy. If you have never let a woman take charge of the fun process, you are missing out big time. If you tried but it did not come out great, I will show you how it is supposed to be.

One of the biggest misconceptions about escorts is that they are not educated. I am one of the educated Las Vegas escorts. I am college educated and I specialize in escorting business men. If you are in Las Vegas on business, your business will not be over until I escort you. When I do not have a client, I like to catch up with what is going on in the world of business as well as everything else around the world. This way, I always have something to talk about with you. I can hold my own in any setting and you will love seeing me get along with your friends and/or colleagues. They will not suspect that you have hired the services of an escort. The secret will be just between us. I am a dynamic escort. I can escort you to virtually any event you want me to. It does not matter what it is. If it is safe to do, then I will try it. If it is good, I will do it again and again and again. I am uniquely qualified and suitable to be your escort in Las Vegas. I started out as a cocktail waitress before moving to Spearmint Rhino where I worked as a stripper. When you hire me as your escort, you at the same time get the services of a stripper. If you think you have seen anything in a strip club, wait till I strip and dance for you. It will be done with only you in mind, it will be done for only you and I will do things you have never seen and probably never seen an escort or even a stripper do. And once you go back home, do not expect other ladies to do what I am capable of doing. Many of them are unique to me.

When you are in Las Vegas, you will be forgiven for not knowing what time of day or night it is. People have fun in Las Vegas day and night. If you want fine dining and wining, there are many top restaurants in fine establishments such as MGM Grand or even The Bellagio. If you do not want that, there is Mexican food, French food as well as many other kinds of food that you can enjoy. Many escorts like to talk about their bodies. I am one of the few who do not. What is the point when my photos can do a better job at communicating what I want? I like you to see my photos and marvel at them. But then read this so that you can know of the things which the photos cannot tell. For example how naughty I am in the privacy of your hotel room or home. We all have those things we love doing and that we are good at. For me it is entertaining and pleasing you. That is what I was born to do.

Growing up, I was a naughty girl. I used to get into lots of trouble because I liked trying things. I did not know it was preparing me for this job. The other quality I have that makes me suitable for this job and that makes me appreciate it more is that I get bored easily. I do not like routine and this job does not have that. There are no two days which are alike. The people I escort are different and they also like different things. I have to master that within a short time and make sure I use that knowledge to give you the best service ever. Some of the things you can expect from me include lap dances, strip teases as well as girl on girl shows and watching me play with myself. Check out my photos. Now imagine watching that sexy escort playing with herself. If you are in Las Vegas or you are planning to come to Las Vegas, call me and I will make the time you spend with me to be one of the best moments of your life. My name is Ming and my number is 702 475-7566. Call me and experience all that I have to offer.

I can do everything strippers Las Vegas has to offer can do for you, but I can also take it to the next level. How about a nice Asian massage back in the hotel room? I hope you don't mind if I get naked for you. That wouldn't bother you, would it? I sleep naked. Ha, oh, whoops. Was I suppose to say that? Sorry, I just kind of say things when they come to mind. I don't wear any panties either. Oh no, there I go again. I don't really have a filter, so I say what I feel. Hopefully that doesn't bother you? And please, don't judge me for sleeping naked. It just feels really good and I'm so comfortable doing it. Would you mind if beautiful Las Vegas escort girls were naked next to you? If not, maybe you could give me a call? I'd love to hear from you. I would also love for you to check out the fantastic Las Vegas SEO company that created this great site for me.

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