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Are you looking for the best asian escort? Look no further than me. I am one of the most sought after escorts you could hire in Las Vegas, the home of the most tempting, gorgeous and simply appealing escorts which could make your evening extra special. Are sad and lonely? Having no one to spend the cold night? I can definitly help you out. I am known to have magic fingers and give one of the best nuru massage in Las Vegas. It doesn’t matter if you are guest here in Las Vegas or a local resident; you deserve to enjoy the most pleasing Las Vegas escort that I would want to give to you.

Don’t miss the chance to be one of my customers and be stunned with my warm hugs and erotic moves as I start to massage your body with my gentle hands. If you already have plans while in Vegas and a companion is only what you need to start over with your escapade, well, I am just one phone call away to answer that need! Simply let me know about your itinerary so that I can as well prepare for it. Among the girls direct to your room, I am certain to be the only one that you need.

Want to know why they say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? Then take me as your escort in Las Vegas. There are more things to see and do than you can ever finish sampling. But if you are with me, none of that matters. Being with me is in itself adventure and fun. When you are in Las Vegas and are looking for escorts, you better get the best. Otherwise, you will be taking chances with having a good time in Las Vegas. If you want to take chance, that is ok. But if you want to leave Las Vegas with an unforgettable story, then make sure you look out for yours truly. It is not for nothing that I am a top Las Vegas escort. I have worked hard and risen through the ranks to become one of the sought after Las Vegas escorts. It is not a mean feat and it is proof that you will have fun with me. My suitability for being your escort is also given a shot in the arm by the fact that I have been a stripper at Spearmint Rhino. As one of the top clubs in town, they only employ the best. Up until I left, I was one of the most popular strippers.

My name is Ming and I have a perfect ass, great tits, long brown hair, big pink lips as well as soft tan skin. My legs are long and shapely. Lots of Las Vegas escorts have augmented their bodies. But I am not one of them. Everything you see, whether in my photos or in person, are real. There is no editing of photos to look better than they are. Do not take my word for it. Come and see it for yourself. Heck come and enjoy it! Luckily for you, I like wearing clothes that show off these parts. No one comes to Las Vegas to see and enjoy the company of uptight and all covered up escorts and girls. I believe you cannot be able to give someone a great time if you do not know how to have it yourself. The same goes for making someone happy. If you are not a happy, you cannot purport to be able to make someone happy. It all comes from within. I love working out. Fitness is important to me not only because it helps me maintain my good looks and firm body, but it is also important because it helps me be healthy. I do not want to be sick because I want you to have the best services in Las Vegas.

I know what you want to know about most is what I am going to do for you. There are many things I will do for you. But there are also some I will want us to do together. I like things mutual instead of one way. That is one of the things that separate me from many other escorts in Las Vegas. When you are with me, expect to watch me use a toy. You can also watch me and an escort friend of mine make a hot show for you. I will lap dance and pole dance for you. There will also be massages in plenty. I know how to give different kinds of massage and each one is equally good. These are however not all the things I will do for you, to you and with you. There are many more that will blow your mind. But do not worry. I blow more than just minds. I like being the naughty school girl who gets punished. But I can assume any role you want me to take. One thing with my escort service is that it is not restrictive. I like going with the flow. I enjoy thinking up new things and reading novels for ideas on what to do.

If you are in Las Vegas for fun, we will get along well. Fun is my forte. I love having fun and there is never a dull moment where I am. If something is fun or promises to be fun I’m in. If it can be done safely and it is fun or it sounds like fun, I will always be party to it. I love mixing it with different people. I can turn a boring party or event into a great one in no time at all. But just as easily as I can turn a dull party into an awesome one, I come alive behind closed doors. In Las Vegas, people mistakenly think that all the fun is on the strip. There are many great places to see and experience. And they are also located off the strip. When you are with me, you will have fun both on and off strip. I have stayed in Las Vegas all my life but even I have never had enough of certain Las Vegas sights to behold such as the Bellagio Fountains. I know you will also love the erupting volcanoes at the Mirage. And if you love fast cars, driving one at the Las Vegas motor speedway will be a thrill definitely. I can take you to such places and see for yourself. I am playful and like to role play.

Keeping secrets in this job is essential. I can guarantee you that anything said to be in confidence will never be uttered to a soul. I know how to act around different kinds of people and that affords you the breathing space of having to worry about how you will introduce me. I have also been asked by a client to make someone else jealous. And I did it better than anyone expected. As a dynamic escort, I have something for you. No matter who you are or whatever you like, there is always something I can do for you. My number is 702 475-7566. Call me and we can discuss how I may take your Las Vegas experience to a whole new level.

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